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Evaluating Complex Initiatives (05) [EN]

Martha McGuire, Cathexis Consulting; Kate Powadiuk, Cathexis Consulting; Rochelle Zorzi, Cathexis Consulting

May 31, 2009, 9:00am - 4:00pm - Intermediate - 25 seats

As programs become more complex cutting across different departments, levels of governments and jurisdictions evaluation design must respond by taking a more systemic approach that includes an understanding of the context as well as simply looking at what is happening. This workshop provides practical advice on evaluation design and data collection and analysis methods as well as looking at the implications for project management. It provides theory that draws from research on promising practices in conducting evaluations of horizontal initiatives. It goes beyond theory to consider a number of factors that contribute to complexity and how those can be addressed, including: the impact of policy on program delivery, the increasing emphasis on evidence-based practice, delivery of programs in multi-cultural environment, delivery of multi-site programming, etc.

The workshop will provide the opportunity to apply theory through participating in exercises using case studies.


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