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Evaluation Planning: Approach to Program Logic Model and Evaluation Matrix in the Current Context (06) [EN]

Dr. Harry Cummings, Harry Cummings and Associates Inc./U. of Guelph; Dr. Hubert Paulmer, Harry Cummings and Associates Inc.

May 31, 2009, 9:00am - 4:00pm - Beginners - 25 seats

With the importance given by the Federal and Provincial Governments to evaluation, it is vital that we plan our evaluations systematically and thoroughly. The success of the evaluation depends to a large extent on the planning.

This workshop aims to revisit the fundamentals of developing an evaluation plan and will look at the key ingredients to make an evaluation a success. The first half of the workshop will look at developing the evaluation framework, which will include tips on developing or fine tuning the log frame / logic model and developing an evaluation matrix. The session will also look at various styles (models) of presenting the logic model. During this session, evaluation issues (including the Treasury Board Guidelines) and the common evaluation questions will be discussed. The second half of the workshop will give an overview of possible evaluation designs and approaches and what methods are appropriate within the given time, context and budget to conduct an evaluation.

The evaluation planning approach presented can be applied in diverse sectoral contexts to domestic and international programs run by government, NGOs and the private sector. A participatory approach is emphasized.


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