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Qualitative Data Analysis: A manual and a computer assisted approach using QDA Miner (04) [EN]

Reed Early, BC Office of the Auditor General; Normand Péladeau, Provalis Research

May 31, 2009, 9:00am - 4:00pm - Intermediate - 25 seats

This full-day workshop has five sections. Part 1 provides an overview of QDA and mixed methods. Part 2 is an exercise involving quotes, codes, memos and content analysis using narrative data. Part 3 is an exercise in grounded theory that maps in 2D the themes, quotes and codes. Part 4 will demonstrate how qualitative analysis may be performed using computer software. We will use for illustration purposes, Provalis Research tools (QDA Miner and WordStat) to code documents and images, perform some coding retrieval and analysis. Part 5 will focus on mixed methods and illustrate how qualitative data may be combined with quantitative information, content analysis and some exploratory statistical techniques to gain new insights.


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