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Thematic breakfasts

Thematic breakfasts are a great opportunity for Conference 2009 participants to network and share experiences in evaluation! Anyone is welcome to join. Led by a volunteer facilitator (see below), these informal groups discuss a shared interest in a particular area or topic of evaluation.

The thematic breakfasts will be held on Tuesday, June 2, 2009, from 8:00AM to 9:00AM. A continental breakfast will be served in the room name will be confirmed closer to the event; the cost is already included in your Conference fee.

Facilitators wanted! Conference delegates interested in facilitating a thematic breakfast are asked to submit their names, e-mail address and the topic you would like to discuss to the Conference Secretariat to the attention of Jennifer Shaver at jennifer.shaver@thewillowgroup.com. This information will be posted on the 2009 Conference web site. Should potential participants have inquiries about the topic and content, they can contact you directly.

As a facilitator you need only to identify a theme or topic and meet your group at the table number assigned to your topic. You don't need to prepare anything! The discussion is meant to be informal.

Participants wanted! The list of topics and facilitators will be posted on the Conference web site and updated as topics are received. If you want to join a particular group, submit your name and e-mail address to the Conference Secretariat at jennifer.shaver@thewillowgroup.com. Your name will be added to the group on the web site so that you can find out who your breakfast mates will be.

List of planned thematic breakfasts
#ThemeFacilitatorRegistered participants
01Cost-Effectiveness – Value for MoneyHarry Cummings and AssociatesSylvie Turcotte, Julie Chevalier, Gail Motsi, Sherrie Tingley, Militza Zencovich, Safeena Alarakhia, Susan Cole, Sharon Margison, Michael Gullo
02Conducting Joint EvaluationsDieudonné MouafoBrenda Bush
03Knowledge Management and EvaluationElizabeth PiccoloCatherine Newell, Jackie Yiptong
04Reflections on Carleton's Graduate Diploma on Public Policy and Program EvaluationCairine ChisamoreRebecca Greenwood, Cindy Weeks, Jane Evans, Odilia Maessen, Larissa Silver, Brian Moo Sang
05Youth Learning ProgramsSavera HayatEmmanuelle Godbout-Gauthier
06Aboriginal Engagement in Government EvaluationsKimberly LavoieSarah Fraser, Janine Hunt, Albert Brews , Chantal Langevin, Ellie Beals, Angela Fabisiak, Diane Sam, Paul Bakker, Pam Martin, Natalia Chenier
07Building Evaluation Capacity in Small OrganizationsSusan HollettJane Brown, Susan Kasprzak, Sandra Smith, Nelson Coyle, Witnisse Mereus
08Conducting Evaluations with Complex Adaptive SystemsAnn DoucetteAdele Ritch, Lynda Weaver, Ian Davies
09The Relationships Between Evaluation and Strategic/Corporate PlanningFrançois MarsatLaura Anderson, Robert Chatwin, Betty Ann Turpin, Monika Franz-Lien, Cindy Nantais, Alice Hutton, Stefanie Krapp, Augusto Legaspi, Lynda Zimmerman, Agnes Musci-Nagy, Shirley Von Sychowski
10Program Evaluation in K-12 Public EducationSandra SellickJulia Moore
11L'évaluation dans la Francophonie: nos ambitions, nos realisations, nos priorités d'actionMarie GervaisGaston Brumatti, Caroline Vallée
12CES Educational Fund Annual General MeetingNancy PorteousBirgitta Larsson, Lisa O'Reilly, Benoît Gauthier
13Logic Models: love 'em or hate 'em?Andrew TaylorBatool Siddiqui, Karol Sjölund, Shauna Kingsnorth, Deniz Paktunc, Eliane Turner
14Overcoming Evaluation Resistance and Enhancing the ExperienceDenise MokAndy Thompson


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