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Value in Evaluation

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Exhibit, supporter and advertising

May 25, 2009: Minimizing the Environmental impact of evaluations at CES 2009

Our Annual Conference provides a forum for the discussion of major theoretical, philosophical, and practical issues in evaluation. We strive to make the conference valuable every year — so what would it say if the leading organization for evaluation did not conduct an evaluation at our very own conference?

Instead of conducting surveys on paper, the CES has partnered with Techneos Systems (www.techneos.com) to conduct our onsite surveys electronically. By using wireless handheld devices, we will not only be eliminating paper, but the energy use, ink/toner and inevitable printing and re-printing that is associated with paper-based research. It's just one more thing we can do to offset the carbon footprint of our conference.

Techneos mobile survey software is used to conduct wireless surveys on mobile phones, PDAs, laptop computers and more, providing timely and relevant customer feedback.

Why participate

This is a high profile, professional development event that is expected to attract over 400 delegates. It offers your organization an opportunity to share its passion for the value of evaluation, and recognize the important role it plays in the betterment of society, with people who make evaluation their business. Demonstrate your support to the field of evaluation by participating in this Conference. Take advantage of this event to draw attention to your professional capabilities and your interest in the work of program evaluation. Raise the profile of your organization with the evaluation community by signing up as a supporter, exhibitor or advertiser.

Supporting opportunities and benefits

"Supporting" offers you a unique way to network with conference attendees, support the Canadian Evaluation Society and increase the name recognition for your business or organization among national and international evaluators. The information outlined below represents example supporting opportunities and benefits. We are happy to work with you to identify a supporting opportunity that meets your individual needs.

The prospectus provides all necessary information.


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