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Cost-benefit and cost-effectiveness analysis: The nuts and bolts (01) [EN]

Greg Mason, PRA Inc./U of Manitoba

31 mai 2009, 9 h 00 - 16 h 00 - Intermediate - 30 places

This full-day workshop will review the essentials of cost-benefit and cost-effectiveness analysis. The theoretical foundations of CBA will start the presentation, with attention to identifying basic issues in welfare economics, time value of money, accounting for valuing externalities, placing a value on life, and setting up a CBA/CEA accounting structure. Cost effectiveness is treated as a special case of cost-benefit analysis.

This is an applied workshop at the intermediate level, directed to those with a basic understanding of regression methods. We will examine a training program for social assistance recipients retrospectively and then apply cost-benefit prospectively to the use of HPV vaccines to prevent cervical cancer. Bring sharp pencils, your calculator (one with an inverse (1/x), log/ln and yx function if possible), and rolled up sleeves.


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