2009 Annual CES Conference
Value in Evaluation

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Conference Themes

A. Evaluation Value for Government

Evaluation is a key function that can bring value to all levels of government in Canada. This theme focuses on the value, roles, and challenges of evaluation in a government context. The following sub-themes are proposed:

  • A.1 Enhanced results achievement
  • A.2 Improved accountability reporting
  • A.3 Evaluation and policy
  • A.4 Performance measurement
  • A.5 Learning and organizational change through evaluation

B. Evaluation Value for the Larger Society

Evaluation also benefits other organizations, including associations, non-profit organizations, charities and private sector organizations. These organizations use a variety of monitoring and evaluation strategies that are adapted to their objectives, partnering arrangements and environments. The following topics are proposed for this theme:

  • B.1 Managing within increasingly complex policy and program environments
  • B.2 Evaluation in the Not-For-Profit sector
  • B.3 Evaluation in the For-Profit sector
  • B.4 Learning and organizational change through evaluation

C. Evaluation Value on the International Stage

This theme focuses on the value of evaluation in an international setting. As in Canada, more and more governments and organizations abroad rely on evaluation to enhance programs and demonstrate results. The following sub-themes are proposed:

  • C.1 Multiple country evaluation
  • C.2 Evaluation practice in different countries
  • C.3 Evaluation of international development programs
  • C.4 Learning and organizational change through evaluation

D. Ensuring Value through a Stronger Profession

Evaluation value is partly ensured by a strong community of evaluators. While evaluation is well established in Canada, the evaluation community faces a number of challenges, including competency recognition and membership renewal. Two sub-themes are proposed.

  • D.1 Professional development
  • D.2 Strengthening the evaluation community


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